the beginning

iPhone 1029

I caved. I am finally starting a blog. I have grown extremely tired of scrolling on Bloglovin (my new favorite app- I recommend downloading it, if you already haven’t) and not finding anything positive or encouraging- maybe I’m just reading the wrong blogs… Don’t get me wrong, I totally love reading about the cheapest beauty products or the best-kept beauty secrets. I found that my favorite blogs are what I like to call, mom-blogs. I love them, but there’s a little problem, I’m not a mom. I can’t quite relate to what these incredible women are writing about. I want this to be like the awesome mom-blogs and the cool beauty blogs. Basically, I want my blog to be as wonderful and inspirational as Geena’s. My prayer in writing this blog is that not only will it be a ton of fun to do, as I collaborate with my best-friends to write some of the posts, but also that it will be something that young women can relate to. I want to share my latest find on the clearance rack at Nordstrom and I also want to share my journey as a twenty-something who is constantly realizing that God’s plans are greater than I can ever imagine.

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