little things


I would be lying to you if I said I didn’t immediately start singing “Little Things” by my new favorite boy-band, One Direction, in my head as I titled this post. I guess I have Alia & Hannah, the two oldest of the seven kids I nanny for, to thank for that :) This summer, I took the girls to the concert and to my surprise, had a blast!

Here are a few more of my favorite things–

Mondays. While the rest of the World hates Mondays, I have started to love them. It’s the one day of the week that I only have to work half of a day and it makes getting out of bed just a little easier. I use Mondays as my “personal days”; I get my nails done, catch up with the Kardashians (my not-so-uplifting, guilty pleasure), and enjoy tea with my momma!

A Chicago Blackhawks game. I could honestly leave it at that because words cannot even begin to describe how amazing being there is. Last night I took my friend, Katie, my younger brother, Brendon, and one of his friends from school! We had a blast cheering on our favorite Chicago team! From the roar of the crowd during the National Anthem to the dancing and screaming as Chelsea Dagger plays after a Hawks goal is scored, the experience is one to be beat. I thoroughly enjoyed sipping on champagne while watching my favorite players take the ice. Which leads me to another of my favorite things…

Champagne. This is my go-to drink wherever I am- Hawks game, dive bar with my friends or dinner with my family. My friends always get a kick out of me when they’re all drinking beer or mixed drinks and I walk up to them with my Champagne flute. I even named part of my blog after my favorite champagne, Veuve.

Spontaneity. I love calling a friend and making plans last minute. Sometimes having no plan at all is the best. In college, my roommates and I would hop in the car and just drive downtown (luckily, we were only about fifteen minutes from Chicago). Most of the time we would end up at Sweet Mandy B’s, my favorite bakery in Lincoln Park, for a cupcake and a cup of coffee. But Our favorite adventures always landed us at Fulton’s on the River for some truffle chips and banana creme pie!

Alabama Football. ROLL TIDE. We have been Bama fans forever. You can say it’s in our blood ;) My dad played for Bama. I can never remember the years he played, but I do know he was a running back. We gave our puppy the name Buddy “Bear Bryant”, after the famous coach at Alabama. My family tries to watch every game together and the past two years when Bama went to the BCS Championship, we threw a little party. It’s just our thing and I love it.

Christian Music. I have the typical pre-sets on my car radio: Kiss, B96, US99.5, whatever is considered “normal” music… but after I’ve heard Kesha’s Timber for the 4th time on my 15 minute ride to work, I’ve had enough and I turn on KLove. The music on KLove is just enough to help me redirect my thoughts for the day and focus my mind on God. I use the minutes that I listen to this station as my prayer time because I am not the quiet, mediation prayer type- at least not at this point in my life.

My unofficial blog team. The coolest part about blogging has been the support my friends and family have given me. They are not being paid, yet they are always there to answer a call or text as I write something and need some advice. A week or so ago, I sat down on my mom’s bed to ask for her input as I wrote my post on being positive. I didn’t realize she was praying the Rosary at the time, but I decided to join her, which isn’t something that we normally would’ve done. God is so good and is constantly showing new ways to love Him and find Him in my everyday.

I’m not exactly sure what made me want to write this post; it started to form in my mind as I was sitting in my room and I could hear my mom reading to Nick. She was reading him this book I gave him for Christmas from Anthropologie (which is another one of my favorite things, but that’s another post). I loved hearing her change her voice for the characters and Nick giggle as she did. I started to think about how there are so many little things in our lives that we don’t even realize we enjoy and since reading Geena’s most recent post, on loving the now, I have really been aware of all the things that I love. Take some time today to appreciate all the little things. xo


  1. Love you!

    1. Love doing spontaneous things with you.
    2. Can we please go get some champagne?
    3. When are you visiting?

    XO Melbel. Miss you.

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