just for the fun of it

Katie’s post the other day reminded me of those emails that I used to get when I was younger, the ones that had been forwarded on and on and on so you were basically reading stranger’s answers if you scrolled all the way to the bottom. The ones with the goofy questions like: day or night? toilet paper rolled under or over? kisses or hugs? and you were supposed to pick one in each set and then send it to the rest of your friends. I’m not sure what the point of them was, but I remember really enjoying them. Maybe it was because I assumed everybody was dying to know all those things about me. Which is exactly what I’m assuming with this post today. 

A few months back, I remember one of my favorite bloggers, Camp Patton, posting something similar to what Katie posted… just with a lot more questions. So I googled it, like any normal person would. I googled “Camp Patton -ing” and after that didn’t turn up with any results I decided to just add as many words to the Google search as I could remember from her blog post and it worked; my Google search looked something like this, “Camp Patton loving, doing, eating, making.” Success

So here it is- my ‘ings’ at the present moment. I’m copying this from Camp Patton and linking-up with my blogger friends to post this as well. Geena, Katie, Cary… I’m looking at you ladies!

Making: plans with Megan for next week
Cooking: dinner
Drinking: fresh carrot, ginger and orange juice (thanks, momma)
Reading: this awesome book that Mr. Cooley gave me over Christmas. I love that the reflections are short but really meaningful
Wanting: more snow! I loveee all this snow
Looking: at new blog layouts and designs
Playing: phone tag with the beautiful Alexandra Cooley
Wasting: time filling out these questions
Sewing: nothing at all
Wishing: I lived closer to Geena 
Enjoying: the products of my new Birchbox
Waiting: for nothing right now. normally I’m waiting on a package, but I’ve cut back on my online shopping this year
Liking: that my mom & dad are getting healthy
Marveling: at God’s plan and love for each of us
Needing: some motivation to get my butt to Lifetime
Feeling: giddy over Geena & Bradley’s engagement… still
Bookmarking: Brittany’s post on NFP & Organic Love, because I am always referencing it and can never find it when I need it
Realizing: I should probably start using my ‘real’ camera
I got a little antsy towards the end and deleted a handful of the verbs… I’m positive nobody is going to complain about that one. Happy Wednesday! xo


  1. I love using this format for Ryan’s birthday. It captures more than if I were to sit and write a paragraph.

    We are still giddy together!

    And I’s crazy flattered you’re reading my blog.

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