only small things

Mother Teresa has a beautiful quote that says, “we cannot do great things, only small things with great love,” which I think is perfect for this series, as my friends and I share the small things in our lives that lead us to a deeper and greater love in all that we do.

When I first started this blog, I mentioned how I was going to write some of the posts with my best friends.  I want my friends to appreciate the art of writing, as I do with each post I write. Anna, from In Honor of Design, wrote this post about how the art of vocabulary is quickly being replaced with snap-chats, text messages and photo captions, which only made me want to write more. I told my friends that they could write about whatever they wanted to, it could be as long or as short as they wished, and they only requirement I had was that they wrote in a positive light.

Megan Elizabeth

With that being said, I would like to introduce my first guest blogger in this series, my dear friend, Megan. Megan and I both attended Dominican University in River Forest, IL. After meeting our sophomore year, we quickly became best friends and then roommates. Megan has the biggest heart; she is always doing nice things for me and everyone in her life! When I was sick a few months ago, Megan called multiple times a day to see if I needed anything, she even offered to order food for me and have it delivered. And recently, when I was flying to see Geena and her family, Megan offered to let me leave my car at her house and take me to the airport. While I was in Maryland, Chicago was hit with yet another snowstorm and Megan so kindly scraped my car off so that when I got home there wouldn’t be as much snow on it. When I finally arrived back in Chicago, I seemed to forget that it was snowing and was ill-prepared for the weather. I took a cab to Megan’s house so that I could get my car and since I wasn’t dressed for the weather, I gave up on scraping my car off very quickly. As I was pulling out of Megan’s driveway, she came running out of her house and scraped my car off for me, yet again! I am so blessed to have had Megan as my roommate in college and a friend in all that I do.

When I asked Megan to write this week, she wasn’t sure where to begin. So I told her to say a prayer to the Holy Spirit for guidance and to write about something she was passionate about.  After a few texts and calls saying that she was stuck and couldn’t write anything, she finally experienced something at work that really bothered her and her post came together!

“The other day I overheard a group of men talking about Valentine’s Day.  One of the men said that after he married his wife,  Valentine’s Day and all other romantic gestures stopped . After hearing this it made me think of something a friend once told me; “while dating a guy it will be the best he’ll ever treat you.” Hearing both of these comments made me wonder why does the “dating”  have to stop?   I have been blessed and fortunate to witness the complete opposite of this. My dad was always finding new ways to express and show his love to my mom. In my opinion being in a committed relationship doesn’t mean the dating has to stop. The little things and surprises that a loved one does for another are one day going to become the memories you will look back on and treasure.”

I, too, have been blessed with parents who are still dating each other, even after being married for twenty-three years and are more in love now than the day they met. Megan’s post is a nice reminder that kind gestures should never stop, and that doesn’t apply to those just in romantic relationships. This goes for all of us in every relationship we are in!

Have a blessed Sunday! XO

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