only small things

A few nights ago, Lauren sent me a text asking if she could write a post this week. I couldn’t wait to hear what she had to say! It made my week that she asked me if should could write! That’s exactly what I’ve hoped for since I mentioned to my friends that I want them to share on my blog, too!


Lauren and I quickly became friends our freshman year at Dominican University, thanks to a not-so-lovely roommate situation I had experienced. By the end of the second week of school, I had moved most of my belongings into Lauren & Jaclyn’s room and shared a tiny, top-bunk with Lauren. While that living situation only lasted a month or so, as I waited for my RA to approve my room-switch, we ended up being roommates for the following three years. I always joke that Laur’s OCD is the reason I did so well in college ;) Lauren and I had almost the exact same class schedule all four years at DU, which really worked to my benefit. Lauren would encourage (force) me to go to class and remind (again, force) me to finish all the assignments that were due, even if they weren’t due until the end of the semester. All joking aside, I am so thankful that Lauren and I have walked beside each other in our journey through college, and now, I get to walk next to her as she enters into a beautiful, new chapter of her life, as a wife!

“God has His mysterious ways of putting certain people in your life. When I met Garry at the park in 7th grade, I knew right then that he was special. My fiancé, Garry, and I have been together now for 10 years, and although people are shocked when we tell them how long it has been, I love that he has been in my life that long. He was my grammar-school, high-school and college sweetheart.

Looking back on the ten years, a few of my favorite memories with him stand out in my mind. I remember how he would wait for me after school let out and walk me home or how we would have 2 hour phone conversations that would tie up the house line for anyone else who tried to use it. And most recently, we’ve really been enjoying learning to cook with each other and trying out new recipes for the other person.

Garry has been there for all the ups and downs that life has brought me; he has been there to support and encourage me in everything I do. I have been dreaming about the day we would get married since I was 13. My dream started to come true on July 14, 2013. That day was one of the happiest and most thrilling days of my life! It will forever be special to me, not only as the day I was proposed to, but also, because it is Garry’s mom’s birthday. Garry lost his mom to breast cancer almost six years ago, and even though she wasn’t able to be there with us, having him propose on her birthday connected her with us and made for such a memorable day. Garry surprised me by taking me on a beautiful cruise and dinner on Lake Michigan, where I was proposed to overlooking the beautiful city of Chicago at Navy Pier. It was a perfect evening!

After the excitement of the proposal wore off just enough for the reality of a quickly-approaching wedding to set in, I started to worry every time I thought about the prices of what everything would end up costing. Any of my friends could tell you that it isn’t a surprise that I began to worry, it’s just who I am. It is so nice, though, to have an awesome support system. My best friends, Mel and Megan, have been so excited for us and so loving during this amazing time in my life; I love that I get notifications from them sending me wedding ideas on Pinterest! Even in college, Meg & Mel were planning my wedding to Garry, years before we were even engaged. They, too, knew we would be married one day :) Finally, after almost eleven years of dating, on Valentine’s Day, Garry & I booked our reception venue; I couldn’t be happier to start putting all our ideas to use!

I have realized that life is too short to get stressed out over the little details. When I let go of the stress and worry, I am at peace. Once I let go & trusted in God’s plan, I have been having the time of my life planning my wedding!! I keep looking forward to what’s to come, and enjoy sharing every minute of this with my amazing fiancé, family and best friends!”

I love being able to experience all the excitement with Lauren! It really is a magical time in her life! Lauren’s story is so encouraging because there are many times that we get caught up in the small, mundane details and forget to enjoy the present. Thanks, Laur, for reminding us to not let the stress and worry take over the joy we could be experiencing.

Let go and let God! xo


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