God’s favorite

Some days, I am blown away by how much God love us. Yesterday was one of those days… My dear friend, someone who is basically an older sister to me, Cristina Harty, welcomed a baby girl this week! Cristina is superwoman! She owns Kharisma Finishing School, founded New Beginnings Ministries, owns Vunea Cosmetics (some of my favorite makeup products, like this lip liner and this blush) and is a wife & mother to five beautiful children! Here’s a little story about Cristina.


I met Cristina my Freshman year of high school and she has been a huge part of my life ever since. She is my mom’s best friend! Her oldest daughter, Chole, and my youngest brother, Nick, are only a few months apart, so Cristina and my mom had a lot in common from the very beginning. Cristina seemed to have the perfect life; she was married to her best friend, Brian, they had two beautiful daughters and she was expecting a third. At the beginning of the pregnancy, Brian was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. In one doctor’s appointment, their entire world was turned upside down. Brian fought a hard battle with cancer for two years before passing away. Cristina was widowed at twenty-seven. After Brian died, she was raising three little girls by herself. During this time in her life, she never once turned away from God; she kept trusting in His plan and reminding herself of His love!

Shortly after Brian’s death, God brought back into her life an old friend, Josh. Josh and Cristina are now married and together they just welcomed their second child. Josh is an incredible man, one of his wedding vows to Cristina was, “I promise to love the girls as if I had been there to see them take their first breath!”, I’m sure the vow was much more eloquent, but you get the point.

IMG_6819 (3)

Yesterday evening, Cristina sent me this photo, and at that moment, I was completely overcome by God’s love. This is Josh and his new daughter, Gabriella Grace. After looking at the photo, I began to cry. As hard and sad as her life was for those years while Brian was fighting cancer and after he passed away, she never once blamed God or hated her life. I cried because I was so happy for her and Josh. Seeing Josh with the new baby somehow made me feel God’s love. (I don’t know if I’m the only person who has that happen to them, but oftentimes when I am extremely happy for someone else, I, too, feel God’s presence and love in my life. Maybe that’s weird, I don’t know.)  God has blessed her abundantly since Brian’s passing.  There will never be a time when she doesn’t feel sad over Brian’s death, but God had made it clear to her how much He loves her. Cristina always likes to say that she’s His favorite. And she’s right! We’re all God’s favorites! His love is so infinite that He can love each of us, entirely. Sometimes, we get so discouraged and feel ready to give up on God when things seem to not go our way. At these moments, we need to remind ourselves that God has a plan and as hard as it is to see, sometimes it’s completely impossible to see, we have to trust in Him. And remember just how much He loves us!

Today, I’m taking comfort in knowing that I’m God’s favorite, and you are too! xo


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