sweet nothings


♦ Last weekend, Liz & I met up with Katrina from Cedars and Tiny Flowers, who is Geena’s future sister-in-law, to look at a bridesmaid dress downtown! We are G’s Midwest bridesmaids… kinda, we only get to claim Liz for a few short months before she moves back to Maryland.  She is the loveliest, sweetest person I have ever met! She brought her adorable little boy, Conor, with. He is a perfect baby; he brought so much joy to not only Liz & I, but every stranger that walked past us! Katrina was such an incredible testimony of young marriage and young motherhood to all those around her. She rocks! She is twenty-four and is already a mama of two sweet boys! We only spent a few hours with her, but you can just see how much joy she receives from motherhood and being a wife. Thanks for being a reminder that young, cute moms still exist, especially in a culture that seems so shocked by the concept!

♦ Sadly, my San Francisco trip at the end of the week has been postponed. Geena’s grandfather passed away last week and his services are over the weekend. I am so sad to hear that Geena’s Pop Pop passed away, but I am glad that she is able to go home to be with her family and spend her birthday with them! Thankfully, my father is used to G & I constantly changing plans so he wasn’t too surprised when I told him I needed to change my flight. Please join me in keeping the Cooley family in your prayers this week!

♦ My college roommate, Lauren, stayed at my house this weekend. My house is closer to her work than her house is, so I try to convince her to sleepover alllll the time. I’m soaking up as much time as I can get with her, while she’s still just my best friend and not someone’s wife :) (No worries, Garry, she’s all yours that day you say “I Do!”) Today, we celebrated Cary’s bridal shower. It was fun for us to catch up with friends that we hadn’t seen in awhile! I loved hearing about all the positive things Mara & Beth are doing with their careers and fitness goals! It’s a nice motivation to get my butt to the gym ;)

♦ Speaking of the gym, I recently joined Life Time Fitness and I am obsessed. For those of you who know me, you know that the gym is the LAST place I would like to be at! Life Time makes it a little easier to go to the gym with all the machine options and fun classes. (Thanks, Liz, for showing me how to use some of them.) I’m still pretty positive I’m going to have a heart attack every time I use any cardio machine, but friends who have done this whole “working out” thing before keep telling me that it’s normal and it will go away, eventually! Fingers crossed!!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! I’m off to sip some wine & watch a movie with Laur! xo



  1. I love you Melanie! I wish you were going to visit Geena on on her Birthday :( Your comment about your dad “getting” that you and Gee changed the plans was spot on……. I know you’ll get a trip in soon.
    Your a great writer!!
    Hope to see you soon. Tell your Gorgeous momma and dad hello for me. OX

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