head-to-toe opposites


(please don’t mind the grainy photo- this was taken on my 21st birthday ;))

Katherine Ann Margaret Elizabeth, also known as my first, real best friend, Katie. Back in December, Katie and I discussed entering the blogging world together- we had big plans of becoming just like Anna from In Honor Of Design. Katie was busy looking for a job and I couldn’t wait to get started, so with Katie’s blessing, I started my blogging adventure on my own… Only to be shorty followed by Kate’s awesome blog- Sugar, Salt, Straw. I made Katie promise that if I was going to blog on my own, she would have to write many guest posts for me, and this is the first of many :) I was going to add this to the collection of other guest posts by my dear friends Lauren and Megan, but this is different. This is simply a lovely introduction to the most wonderful friendship I’ve had. So, it is with a happy heart that I share Katie’s first post on Virtue & Veuve!


Sex and the City might not encompass all of the values I strive for, but if they got one thing right, it’s the importance of friends. Rain or shine, approving or disapproving, happy or sad, those four women had each others’ backs. I’ve been blessed with that kind of friendship and I’m grateful for the girl who can always put a smile on my face.

You guessed it…Melanie Wood.  Today you know her as the classy and fabulous author of Virtue and Veuve who never forgets to wear her invisible crown. But I’ve had the immense pleasure of knowing her through all the years that got her to this point.

Now for a mushy gushy trip down memory lane.

“Hey… Katie, this is Melanie. Why don’t you girls take a walk around the park and get to know each other.”

I’d love to say it was friendship at first sight, but to my dismay, the girl I was staring at was decked out head to toe in Chicago White Sox clothes.  [In 2004 it was popular to take normal flip flops and tie a bunch of fabric around the toe to give those dull shoes the personalized pizzazz they so clearly lacked. So, when I said head to toe White Sox, I meant it.]  As a Cubs fan, I was already pretty positive that this friendship wouldn’t work out.

Anyway, there we were, begrudgingly walking around the park. If this had been a blind date, it definitely would have ended without seeing the dessert menu. We didn’t talk too much, but it was probably my fault. I’m the shy one, and anyone who knows Mel knows she isn’t quiet.

I can’t remember what we did manage to talk about, or what I was thinking then, but I could have never anticipated what the future held.

I had no idea we’d be friends from that moment on. Little did I know, one day we would get in a “fight” that would last, at most, a few days. Little did I know, we’d be friends through plenty of tears and even more laughter; through first kisses, first loves, first heartbreaks. Backstreet Boys concerts, Blackhawks games, parades, parties, “not-so-silent” retreats, eleven birthday celebrations, a hundred sleepovers, bottles of wine, shots of tequila, delicious food, burnt soup, coffee dates, nail appointments, middle school, high school, and college graduations, joint babysitting, walking the runway, wandering the streets of Chicago, driving the worn, familiar roads between her house and mine, the birth of her baby brother, falling in love with each others families, and a billion more moments that make our friendship unique.

I’ve come to realize that the beauty of our friendship is our polar opposite personalities. I’ve come to accept that Melanie will always offer to pick me up, and nine times out of ten, she’ll be late. I’ve come to appreciate that we have different interests, passions, wardrobes, and taste in music. I’ve come to love that our differences don’t tear us apart, but build us up. These are the things I know now after eleven years of an unquestionable bond.

Because by the time we had walked full circle around that park, I had decided she wasn’t the worst person I had ever met, but she definitely wasn’t going to be my friend.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. Many a boy has walked in and out of my heart, but my real soul mate quite literally walked into my life 11 years ago, and never left.

Here’s to you girlfriend, and the friendship that has survived it all.

I’m wondering if it’s considered cheating in the blogging world if I have Kate write ALL my posts; she writes soooo beautifully! I’m also taking time tonight to thank God for blessing me with wonderful friends! xo


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