relapsing and not hiking


(I’m actually glad Geena convinced me to pose for this picture. I love it!)

What better time to start a blog post than while waiting to get my nails done. I feel like an alcoholic who just relapsed… It’s been about 3 months since I last stepped into my nail salon, and I was so proud of myself. But after a phone call with G and much (ok, very little) convincing, here I am again. I’m calling her my enabler ;) Just so you have an idea of how often I used to be here, my nail lady almost ran into my arms to embrace me, like the Prodigal Son had returned! Getting my nails done makes me happy. It’s peaceful for me.

Last weekend, I had the most peaceful, wonderful weekend I’ve had in a long time! I visited Geena & Bradley (and Brad’s two lovely sisters, Kaitlin and Annie) in San Francisco and we had so much fun! There’s nothing better than listening to Taylor Swift, sharing a bottle of wine and having good, old fashion girl talk with your best friend.


(thanks to the kind homeless man who took this photo for $3 and gave us a newspaper in return!)

As soon as I arrived in San Francisco on Friday and immediately after stepping off BART, I demanded Geena took me to the nearest Anthro because I needed sunglasses. We spent the first hour of our time together trying on lipsticks and pretend decorating Brad & G’s future home. Geena & I stopped by Trader Joe’s on the way home to pick up some ingredients for our shrimp taco dinner.. Somehow those ingredients included our favorite bottles of wine :) On Sunday, Geena, by the Grace of God himself, convinced me to go on a run and hike with her. If you’re looking for a good visual of that, picture an episode of The Biggest Loser- where the coach is trying to motivate the person competing. The only difference is G was trying really hard to motivate me and I wasn’t having it… AT. ALL. She tried to get me to run. I said no. Finally, after I sprint-walked to somewhat please her, we arrived at the place where we were going to hike. She promised me a gorgeous view at the top; I thought this was my death march. I was convinced she was trying to kill me. After we reached a high point of this hill (more like mountain) and I could see enough of San Francisco and Oakland, I begged Geena to let us quit and go home. I told her how happy I was with what I saw and that I literally wasn’t going to make it any farther…. I’m a little dramatic, and looking back, I wish I would’ve risked the impending heart attack to see the view, but I didn’t. And G kindly let us go home. I eventually was able to see all of the good stuff in San Francisco in our afternoon adventure by The Ferry Building, Fisherman’s Warf, Pier 39 and Alcatraz.

Geena and I have realized that goodbyes work best when we have the least amount of time for them. Last time we were together, we were almost late for G’s flight… as usual, so our goodbye was all of 10 seconds as she raced to catch her flight. This time, our quick goodbye came in the form of me realizing that there was no way that I was going to be able to see where she works and still make my flight, so I woke G from her mid-commute nap to tell her the change of plans and hug her tight as she exited at her BART stop. Geena and San Francisco were good for my soul!

What’s your favorite weekend you’ve had recently? Was it a wine night with an old friend or a hike on a gorgeous trail? I’d love to hear all about it! Monday’s almost over, hang in there! xo

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  1. Ha! I’m laughing out loud, alone, at my computer. We TOTALLY did pay $3 for that photo. $3 well spent, if you ask me. You should call THAT MAN next time you need convincing.

    This all is TOO PERFECT and spot on. Ha, ha, ha! Come back.

    You are good for my soul! Love ya, Melbel.

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