mother’s day (one hot mess link-up)


(does it get any more “hot mess” than wearing the same dress to a Confirmation on Saturday and Mother’s Day on Sunday?… that’s a rhetorical question because I absolutely love this dress, so I don’t really care)

I am finallyyyyy getting around to responding to G’s link-up she posted on Friday! The ‘one hot mess’ link up was started by this super cool mom, Blythe, from California. Sometimes, as bloggers, we only talk about the good things that happen in our lives and we avoid posting about the raw, real, messy things; it’s a nice reminder that we all have those days. Luckily for me, very little of my week has been messy… with the exception of today.

Most of my family was down in South Carolina for my cousin’s college graduation this past week, so I was running around doing most of the Mother’s Day prep with my brother, Brendon. We went shopping for her yesterday & picked out cards from Becca & Nick, too (since they were driving home from SC and weren’t going to have time to get one.) They didn’t get home until midnight last night so everyone was a little crabby this morning. We went to 9:30 mass at our parish and then came home for breakfast & gifts. That’s when it started to get messy! I had ordered my mom this beautiful rosary bracelet and paid the extra shipping cost to have it here by Thursday (which gave me plenty of time in case something went wrong… or so I thought!) The bracelet arrived on Saturday, while nobody was home, so the kind mail lady left a note in the mailbox which told me my package was going to be at the Post Office after 12 pm. I ran to the Post Office as soon as I saw the note only to realize it had closed at 12:30 pm, and would not be open again until Monday. So now I was going to be giftless on Mother’s Day. It only got worse when after mass, I told Becca that her card for mom was upstairs. She insisted (not so nicely) that she didn’t need a card and I insisted (yelled) that she did. This little “fight” lasted five or so minutes, and ended with Rebecca walking her little self upstairs to get the card. Nothing says Happy Mother’s Day like your kids fighting about nothing.

So, Happy Mother’s Day, mama! You are the most amazing woman I know. Thanks for putting up with us :) I love you to the moon & back!

Your turn, The Journey Through the In Between, Love in Action, Waiting on Sundays, and Sugar, Salt, Straw! Share your messes with us!


(and here’s another photo for the fun of it. I believe my mother’s exact words after seeing this picture were, “what’s the bigger Kardashian sister’s name?”…)

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms and mother-figures! xo




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