one small (large) step into the real world


Remember that post I wrote a few weeks ago about making my own list? Well last night, I checked off one thing on that list: I am now the proud new owner (lessee) of a 2014 Jeep Compass! And I love it!


(my dad and I kinda, sorta, not on purpose matched! thanks so much, daddy, for helping me through this process.)

You would’ve loved to have been a fly in the car/on the wall of the dealership during this car-leasing process! This was my first ever car experience (other than the few times my parents have bought cars) and boy, was it interesting! I’ll help you get a little idea of how this evening went down. Early yesterday evening, Robert, AKA my father, and I drove to the Jeep dealership a few miles away just to get an idea of what car/what price I was thinking of. When we pulled into the lot, a swarm of hungry vulture car salesmen quickwalked to our car. Unfortunately for his coworkers, Mr. Smiley won. (Yes, that is his REAL last name!) Mr. Smiley was a young, semiattractive guy so I figured this process wasn’t going to be the worst thing I’ve done. Smiles introduced himself and I proceeded to tell him that I liked cars x, y, and z. We walked over to the area where the Compass and Cherokee were and after pricing the two out, I made the executive decision that maybeeee I should stick to the car that wasn’t going to leave me broke, so Compass it was! Mr. Smiley was quite amused that I literally had NO idea what exactly I wanted other than something that drove. Here’s a little bit of our conversation:

Smiles: 4×4 or 2×4?
Me: ……. 
Smiles: nav system?
Me: that seems like a waste of money when I have an iPhone.
Smiles: leather or cloth?
Me: I guess leather.
Smiles: ok, is there anything specific you know you DO want?
Me: why don’t I tell you my price range, and YOU tell me what I can get?

After telling him the general price range, he showed me a car I thought was perfect and we decided to take it for a test drive. Side note- test driving with the car salesman in the car is so weird. I felt like I had to tell him my thoughts at all moments while driving the car and that he was judging everything I did. I’d much rather leave my life savings behind (as proof that I’ll return with said car) and sign some waiver than take them along for the ride! When we arrived back to the dealer, we began to talk money. Smiles ran a credit check and came back to tell me my credit was good but it was only good because I had no lines of credit open… basically it was like having an A in a class the first day of the semester. A few moments later he returned with the initial offer, which looked NOTHING like that great ads I had been seeing on their website (apparently those ads are lies unless you have a $lotofmoney down payment.) When he asked what I would be comfortable paying and I told him I didn’t want to put any down he legitimately laughed in my face. We played the deal or no deal game for a little while longer and in the end I WON! I got the car I wanted for a price that I was actually very comfortable with :) And here’s another surprise about car buying/leasing… even when you think its over, its not! We sat there for another two hours while the “financial office” “typed” up my papers. I’m convinced they all took a little nap because there’s no way with today’s technology it should take that long.


(my kind friend, Mr. Smiley, filling out the last of the paperwork. he doesn’t know I took this, but hey, a bloggers gotta do what a bloggers gotta do)

After signing my life & future firstborn away on the lease, I was able to take MY car home where my sweet mama greeted me with a toast of none other than my favorite, Veuve!


(thanks, momma, for the toast. you rock!)

Slowly, but surely, I am entering this so called “real world!” And I’m loving every step of the way! xo




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