love, a not morning person


I have wonderful visions of waking up early and sipping coffee while journaling during my morning. Instead, I lay in bed until the last possible minute and then run around like an angry, crazy person to get to work on time. My goal (since forever now) is to just get out of bed when I first wake up naturally. But every day, when I wake up, I quickly glance at my phone and excitedly count the hours I can sleep until I actually have to get up. Fabulous Alex has told me to say affirmations before I go to bed and visualize myself getting out of bed the second I wake up…. but it hasn’t worked. Or maybe I need to work on my visualizing a little. Either way, I want some practical tips on how to become a morning person. Or at least how to get out of bed with more than minutes to spare. Help a girl out!

My parents and brothers ditched Becs and I for a whole three weeks to attend (and work, sorry Dad & Brendon) the U.S Open in North Carolina and visit my grandparents. While most children would love to have the house to themselves, Becca and I are so bored! We miss our crazy, awesome, sometimes annoying brothers! I keep loading and unloading the dishwasher, folding towels, and finding other chores to do to entertain myself. I just had to pause blogging to help Becca get the dog in. If you like a glimpse into my glamorous life, that involved me running outside in sleep shorts, a Blackhawks DIY crop-top (not appropriate for outdoor wear) and a beautiful Anthro sweater. I obviously only dress to impress.

Wish me luck as I practice becoming a morning person and finding things to do while my family is gone! xo



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