a few of my favorite things

I feel like as women, we owe it to each other to share our favorite beauty items, techy things, or simply awesome products we stumble upon. So, here are my favorites recently; the things that I am swooning over and that I couldn’t live without. 

  • these lipsticks– between Rebecca and I, we own every shade and we love them! 
  • this lipgloss– I just bought this today and I already know it’s going to be one of my favorites!
  • my macbook air– a week ago I caved and bought a MacBook Air, and if Steve Jobs were still alive, I would personally write him a thank you note. This thing rocks!
  • this website: there actually isn’t a day where I don’t check this site and have to use unnatural amounts of self-control to not purchase everything on it. Brickyard Buffalo has the coolest stuff. I’ve bought everything from makeup, to jewelry, to phone chargers, and shoes from them!
  • the invites for Geena’s Bridal Weekend (shower & bachelorette party): Alex found them on this site and Lauren (the designer) was absolutely wonderful to work with (from all the emails Alex sent me). I can’t wait until I am able to use her for my next event!
  • my go-to mascara– this was a little more money than I would usually spend on mascara, but it’s so worth it. I’ve tried plenty of mascaras and this is by far my favorite. There’s just something about it! It doesn’t make my eyelashes look tackyfake (new word) but they look so good they almost don’t look real.
  • my bkr– this water bottle is lovely. It’s pretty and fun to drink out of. They come in tons of colors, too!
  • Purse with a Past– between Becs & I, we have 5 PWAP. Mrs. Cooley is the super fabulous momma to ten wonderful children (my second family) and in her spare time designs and makes the most gorgeous purses. Each PWAP is made from unique pieces of the past: vintage linens, chenille, doilies, velvet, pom poms, bark cloth, ribbons, fringe, lace & more! I get so many compliments whenever I wear one of mine!
  • this lotion– maybe I’m super lazy, but I love, like seriously love, Vaseline Spray & Go!
  • these shoes– thanks to Geena, I live in these shoes. They’re from Target & I wear them with everything! It says they’re $20 online, but last time I was in my Target, they were on sale for $10 or $15. I may buy another pair just to keep handy in case something happens to the original. 
  • Oh, Lola!– my best-loved Eau de Parfum. My grandma got me hooked on it a few years ago and its still my number one.

Alright, ladies, your turn! Share your favorites with me! I’m always looking for something new to try. Happy 4th of July weekend! 

xx, Melanie Elizabeth



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