feelin’ 23 | birthday post

Birthday celebrations at the Wood house are a weekend affair and I wouldn’t have it any other way! On friday evening, I went out with my two dear friends, Maggie & Katie. Then on saturday, my mom, dad, Rebecca, and I went to a mock opening of River Roast. They will be open to the public late July and I can’t wait to go back. Chef Tony Mantuano and Chef John Hogan created a brilliant concept that Zagat had listed on Chicago’s 10 Most Anticipated Summer Openings! It did not disappoint! (no that was not a sponsored post, but maybe they should consider hiring me ;))

I suggested that for today’s plans we just lay low. So we went to mass and then stopped in for a quick visit with my Great Uncle Archie who has been in the hospital for the past few weeks. After we returned home, my family cleaned the garage while I sipped on a bottle (one glass at a time) of Veuve. It’s kinda my thing, obviously. Birthday celebrations came to a lovely end with a homemade dinner by my sweet mama and yummy cupcakes. If the rest of twenty-three is anything like day one, I think I’m going to enjoy it :)


(this is just a glimpse of how beautiful and chic River Roast is)


(I am actually obsessed with their embroidered napkins- I am trying to order some for myself :))


 (my super cute birthday cupcakes)

I hope this week goes by quickly because I cannot wait to be in Maryland this weekend and celebrate Bradley & Geena with everyone! Happy Sunday! 

xx, Mel


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