a little v&v (virtue & veuve)


(I just thought this was pretty, irrelevant to this post, but pretty… and the truth.)

Sometimes blogging feels like a chore; like something I have to do. The first few months were easy, and the posts seemed to just come naturally but as the months went on my posts became a lot more “fluff”, as opposed to actual things that mattered or things that I was passionate about. After kicking myself over it for the past few weeks, I realized, this is why I started to blog. I want young woman to see that you can be *normal* and catholic. So while my posts may seem like “fluff” to me, I think God is working through me in those posts.

I get a lot of questions as to why I named my blog what I did, “Virtue & Veuve”… So here’s the quick answer. I like to think that I do a pretty good job of balancing and intertwining my catholic//religious//virtuous side with my twenty-something//fun-loving//veuve-drinking side. I want to remind people that you can be serious about your faith without being a pious you-know-what. (keeping my language g-rated for my younger audience. HA)

So stick with me, I’m still finding my voice in this blogging world.

xx, Melanie Elizabeth

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