let the countdown begin | geena’s bridal weekend

Two weeks late is better than never.

I love stepping off the plane at BWI and knowing I’m only a few minutes away from hopping into that big, tan Excursion and seeing my Cooley family. While my stay was short, it was busy. Nonstop busy. But so fun!

After stopping by the dress shop to see G in her dress for a fitting, (yes, there were tears. Momma Cooley and the little girls placed a bet that I would cry. They won.) all the Cooley girls and I packed up and headed to a hotel on the Eastern Shore, which was where G’s shower was on Saturday morning. The shower was perfect and so was the Bachelorette party, like absolutely 100% perfect.

(disclaimer: any pictures that look really good are shamelessly stolen from Alexandra)


(snuggles with little J & Geena)


(brownie ice-cream sundaes before bed)


(Jorgi & Molls feeding the ducks at the Bridal Shower)

Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preset

(perfect decorations & games)

Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset

(Little J was the best model and Molly was an awesome designer & made of honor)


(a quick, silly iPad selfie)


(bachelorette attire was all bohemian//white)


(a little Veuve, a little Korbel, a little Andre…. champagne for any budget)


(of course, no night is complete without 3 large cheese pizzas)


(and LOTS of Fiji for the morning after)

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

(post brunch at Chick & Ruth’s and on our way to Mass at St. Mary’s)


(I even managed to sneak in a few hugs & kisses to my godson, Izzy)


(and last but not least, Geena & I always take a picture at the airport before I leave… and they’re always terrible of me… so, this is just keeping with tradition I guess)

I think Alex put it best when she wrote, “a positive focus circle centered around geena and brad’s love, 3 large 1am pizza’s, 7 bottles of champagne, and a lot of laughs = best weekend ever”

And it really was the Best. Weekend. Only a few short weeks till we’re all back in Maryland for the wedding and I cannot wait!

xx, Melanie Elizabeth

One comment

  1. Love this!! We had such an amazing time!! I didn’t see Alex’s post until you mentioned it… I need a feed for her posts. It’s so great also.

    Love that you say “my Cooleys.” You are a part of the family Mel! Less than one month now. Let the countdown begin :)

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