sundays are my favorite

Today was great. My mom, dad, Becca, and I ran to Costco (I live and breathe all things Costco) and to Home Goods. I could spend hours in Home Goods, too! I obviously just really like shopping. We helped Becs by apartment decor and also bought pillows to compliment our awesome new couch at home!!

We came home for lunch and homemade margaritas (YUM!) and then Nick, dad, and I went to play golf! Some of my favorite memories as a little girl are the ones where my mom and dad would take us kids to play golf in the late afternoon on the weekend! Dad would always let us take turns trying to hit the ball and never get frustrated when we still (on try number 6) couldn’t hit it. To my surprise, not much has changed. I haven’t picked up a club in years and it took me a while to get used to things again, but I loved being back on the course with my dad! Little Nick is actually REALLY good. He was even hitting some shots harder and farther than my dad! Maybe he’ll be my pass to The Masters ;)

I could get used to Sundays like this! Here’s to hoping Monday is just as great as Sunday.

xx, Melanie Elizabeth

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