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a guide to the (almost) happiest place on earth // AKA Costco

Disclaimer (because that’s what all the cool bloggers do): any and all information being shared in this post is simply my opinion (based on facts, obviously).

I don’t pretend to be an expert on anything, and Costco isn’t any different. I do find myself at Costco at least once a week and I fancy myself quite the cart loading pro; it’s like playing the real life version of Tetris. I would, however, consider my dad extremely savvy in all things Costco and ‘smart shopping’. So, rather than have you listen to an impulsive twenty-something ramble on about how great the rotisserie chicken is (which it is), I’m going to have my dad, a Vice President of a billion dollar business, share the ins and the outs of Costco.


  • The best way to maximize a Costco membership is to work off what my dad calls a ‘pantry system’, meaning you purchase well-priced items today and store them until needed.
  • Costco has a monthly coupon book. While some of the items are only a one time sale, more common household items, like toothbrushes, toothpaste, paper plates, laundry detergent, and vitamins are part of a regular rotation. (added bonus-these coupons are instant savings, so you don’t need the actual coupon!)
  • The quality of their products is second to none, whether it be their food, clothing, or beauty products.
  • Additionally, they have phenomenal deals on local restaurants and attractions. Our Costco sells $100 gift cards to restaurants for only $80 and a $70 experience to Indoor Skydiving for only $40.

BEST BUYS- here are the things we ALWAYS buy from Costco

  • Food

    • the fruit is great quality for a really good price is you don’t mind buying the large quantity
    • the meat is some of the best we’ve ever had, same with the seafood
    • the Kirkland milk is rBGH free and compared to our local grocers one of the best prices for a hormone free milk
    • the bulk canned vegetables/fruit are a great value and if you don’t use all of the item right away, it can be bagged and frozen
    • prepared meals in the refrigerated section like mac & cheese, meat loaf & mashed potatoes, and fettuccine alfredo
    • frozen meals in the freezer section, obviously. The Kirkland frozen cheese pizza is a seriously great deal, you get 4 really yummy cheese pizzas for $9.99. Also, the frozen chicken breast is a great way to buy bulk and be able to pull out of your freezer as you need it
  • Household items

    • Kirkland paper towels/toilet paper– both are great quality and a good deal
    • Kirkland paper plates
    • Kirkland bar soap
    • toothbrushes/toothpaste
    • feminine products
  • Alcohol

    • Consistently a great buy. Their beers are not always the cheapest price, but their wine selection is top notch and very reasonably priced.
    • Veuve– today, Costco was selling a bottle for $41 and the local grocery store sells it for $52
    • my momma (who is always my dad’s shopping partner and arm candy) also loves the Mionetto prosecco, which Costco sells for $9.99
  • Miscellaneous

    • electronics– we’ve bought multiple laptops from Costco and have been very happy with our purchases
    • housewares– most recently we bought a kitchen sink that is not only beautiful, but was really simple to install on our own. We also bought a Dyson Vacuum over ten years ago and they replaced it for us a few years ago after it stopped working

After spending the morning at Costco with my dad, I secretly (and not so secretly, now) wished that all members could spend thirty minutes with him to get a really quick, awesome understanding of all that Costco has to offer. And anyone who finds this post at all helpful can thank Katrina, from Cedars and Tiny Flowers, for the gentle push to rack my dad’s brain for a quick guide!

Happy, happy Saturday! Roll Tide, Bama!

xx, Melanie Elizabeth

at the moment

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(this describes my life at the moment)

Call it what you’d like: 7 quick takes, on my radar, random post. I’m calling it ‘at the moment’ because, obviously, I like it and I’m constantly changing my mind on my newest obsession/likes. So in THIS present moment, these are the things I think you all (and by you all, I mean my whopping eleven and a half readers) should like too!


Aubry Rose. Ok, I’m like creepily obsessed with her and she’s well aware. In my defense, it’s not that creepy because she’s friends with Katrina… so I basically know her, right?! This girl knows how to blog. She writes SO beautifully about her marriage/husband and Catholicism. And she’s funny! Bonus- she’s newly married, so if you scroll back a few months you can see pictures from her GORGEOUS wedding.


Aubry’s sister- Danielle. She is a Christian/Catholic singer and she’s so incredibly talented! Look her up on iTunes!!


Warby Parker. I love to jump on a good bandwagon and this is no exception. I just ordered my 5 free try-ons. And prescription glasses are only $95 for frames and lenses! AND they donate a pair to a person in need, like TOMS, but cooler.


This story. Read it if you love Lou Holtz or want a reminder that people still do nice things!


Bella Jane! My sweet friend, Brittany, from The Lily Field, finalllllyy had her baby! She & her husband and their two boys welcomed a beautiful 10lb. 8oz little girl. And she just makes me want to melt!

Happy Monday!

xx, Melanie Elizabeth