lenten promises


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Every year, when Lent rolls around, I’m faced with the same decision- what can I give up that is legitimately a sacrifice, but will also help unite me to Christ. I briefly touched upon this in Tuesday’s post, but I want to share a little bit more about what my journey to stand with Christ on Calvary is going to look like.

My first Lenten resolution, this year, was to delete the social media apps from my iPhone. This may sound pretty basic, but I have recently found myself checking my Facebook and Twitter every few minutes, only because, well, why not? It’s so easy to just pick up my phone and refresh the apps. If I was really gung-ho about my desire to sacrifice & purge myself of this social media addiction, I would keep my cell phone in my car or purse unless I really needed it; but I think I would just be setting myself up for failure. Baby steps, people. I would like to use my new found “free time” for more important things, like praying & reflecting. Which leads me to the second resolution for these next forty days…

Writing in my prayer journal! Back in high school, I used to write in a prayer journal often, and I loved it. When I got to college, I seemed to lose interest in the journal and spent my free time doing more important things, like: not doing homework, doing homework, staying up too late, and complaining the following day about how tired I was. But what is college for, if not to learn exactly how little sleep you need in order to function the next day. Who am I kidding, I got plenty of sleep in college thanks to my almost-daily naps :) My roommates would probably say that I napped too much, but I was a better person because of it, so they should thank me! Anywayyy, about my prayer journal… My goal during Lent is to write in it every day. For me, using a journal is nice because sometimes prayer is hard, but writing my thoughts, while focusing on Christ, is easier. I bought a new journal from Anthro a few days ago. I’ve noticed it helps, at least in my experience, if the journal is pretty or is something you like writing in. Having a beautiful journal makes me excited to write. And so far I’m 2/2 counting the days I’ve written in it. So far, so good!

And lastly, the other thing I’d like to work on is being positive & encouraging others to do the same! I’m much happier & more at peace when I focus on the positive of any given situation, and this Lent, I’d like to take it a step farther by using that moment to thank God for whatever the positive was.

I love knowing that Christians around the world are sacrificing together during this Lenten Season. I’m keeping you all in my prayers as we grow closer to Christ! xo