glorious impulsiveness

I am impulsive. Very, very impulsive. Thankfully, I have yet to make a negative, life-altering decision based solely on an impulse, but most (if not all) of my decisions are impulsive. Here’s a prime example: A few months ago I wanted a car so I drove to the car dealership and drove off the lot with the first (and only) car I looked at. In my defense, I did negotiate the price and was happy with what I ended up paying, but by no means did I do any research or give this pretty important decision much thought.

I attribute much of my impulsiveness to my sanguine temperament. If you don’t know much about temperaments, I suggest taking a look at this wikipedia article. Don’t look too much into it, I can’t guarantee that it’s all right, but it does a decent job of explaining the four temperaments briefly. You can thank me later for the wikipedia lesson. While most people are predominately one personality type with traces of the other three, I could almost bet my life that if there was some blood test to prove it, I would be 99.9999% sanguine. Here’s a few of the many sanguine characteristics: bubbly personality, better talker than listener, IMPULSIVE, expressive, spontaneous, touchy-feely… the list goes on & on. I could quite literally be a case study for anyone looking for a better explanation of what a sanguine person looks like. Some famous examples are Bill Clinton, Robin Williams, Kelly Ripa, and Richard Simmons. None of whom I’m absolutely dying to be like when I grow up. They do say that Peter, ‘upon this rock I will build my church’ Peter, was also sanguine. Example A- Peter assured Jesus that he was ready to die for Him, only to deny him a few hours later. And still, Jesus made him the first pope. So obviously us sanguines have something to bring to the table. Which was why I started to write this post in the first place. This is how God made me, in all my glorious impulsiveness. Most of the time I can only think of the negative traits of my sanguine personally; like not being able to complete a task before getting totally swept away by another fleeting thought or idea or getting bored when I’m alone. So this week, I’m going to focus on finding the positives of this crazy personally God gave me. Like, the part of me that is so spontaneous and loves to just go with the flow. Or the part of me that is quick to forgive and forget; this part of me makes friendships and relationships much easier!

In all honestly, I love being impulsive! I love being able to make a decision without having to take forever to think about it. I also love my less impulsive friends (ahem, Liz), for begin able to walk me through my own jumbled, crazy thoughts.

(and as always, I’m looking for His will in my impulsiveness)

xo, Melanie Elizabeth

lenten promises


(Pinterest has the prettiest scripture quotes)

Every year, when Lent rolls around, I’m faced with the same decision- what can I give up that is legitimately a sacrifice, but will also help unite me to Christ. I briefly touched upon this in Tuesday’s post, but I want to share a little bit more about what my journey to stand with Christ on Calvary is going to look like.

My first Lenten resolution, this year, was to delete the social media apps from my iPhone. This may sound pretty basic, but I have recently found myself checking my Facebook and Twitter every few minutes, only because, well, why not? It’s so easy to just pick up my phone and refresh the apps. If I was really gung-ho about my desire to sacrifice & purge myself of this social media addiction, I would keep my cell phone in my car or purse unless I really needed it; but I think I would just be setting myself up for failure. Baby steps, people. I would like to use my new found “free time” for more important things, like praying & reflecting. Which leads me to the second resolution for these next forty days…

Writing in my prayer journal! Back in high school, I used to write in a prayer journal often, and I loved it. When I got to college, I seemed to lose interest in the journal and spent my free time doing more important things, like: not doing homework, doing homework, staying up too late, and complaining the following day about how tired I was. But what is college for, if not to learn exactly how little sleep you need in order to function the next day. Who am I kidding, I got plenty of sleep in college thanks to my almost-daily naps :) My roommates would probably say that I napped too much, but I was a better person because of it, so they should thank me! Anywayyy, about my prayer journal… My goal during Lent is to write in it every day. For me, using a journal is nice because sometimes prayer is hard, but writing my thoughts, while focusing on Christ, is easier. I bought a new journal from Anthro a few days ago. I’ve noticed it helps, at least in my experience, if the journal is pretty or is something you like writing in. Having a beautiful journal makes me excited to write. And so far I’m 2/2 counting the days I’ve written in it. So far, so good!

And lastly, the other thing I’d like to work on is being positive & encouraging others to do the same! I’m much happier & more at peace when I focus on the positive of any given situation, and this Lent, I’d like to take it a step farther by using that moment to thank God for whatever the positive was.

I love knowing that Christians around the world are sacrificing together during this Lenten Season. I’m keeping you all in my prayers as we grow closer to Christ! xo

naturally negative

Last night I went out to dinner with two of my roommates from college. I love that even with our busy schedules, we still make time for each other. It’s so refreshing to be with people who just love you for who you are. On the way to dinner, we were talking about how we seem to be more inclined to be negative or to complain about things. I know I fall victim to this negative attitude all the time- I don’t immediately find the positive in a situation or point out someone’s good qualities. But I do know that I am happier and more at peace when I am thinking about the positive.

A few weeks ago, I was heading from Chicago to Maryland to spend New Years with my friend, Geena, and her family. After my flight had already been delayed half an hour (which is nothing for a Chicago airport in the middle of a snowstorm), they got us on the plane only to tell us we were waiting, to get in line, to be de-iced… sounded like a nice way of saying it was going to be awhile. An hour or so later, as we still sat on the runway, I was pretty frustrated because had my flight taken off on time, I would’ve already been in Maryland. I realized at that point, the more negative my thoughts were, the more anxious and frustrated I was about a situation that I had absolutely no control over. It wasn’t until the gentleman in the seat next to me started to complain about the long delay that I changed my mindset. It changed from a mindset of frustration to one of thanksgiving- I was thankful that the crew at Midway was so careful as to no let us fly if they didn’t think it was safe, I was thankful that there were men and women who were working so diligently (in the freezing, snowy weather) to get us off the runway as quickly as possible, and I was thankful that I was so fortunate to be able to afford fly. These thoughts took over my mind and the frustration slowly went away… it was that easy. I won’t go as far to say that I enjoyed being on the plane for so long, but I wasn’t anxious or angry anymore; I was at peace! That was the first time I became really aware of how little, positive thoughts can change your attitude.

It’s not always easy to find the positive. A lot of times, its way easier to find what’s wrong or to complain- but I think it’s worth it to change your mindset, to take the negative situation and find ONE positive thing about it. It can be that simple!

I like the way my friend Lauren put it yesterday. She was telling us about her day at work, how as she was about to close the store, a few people walked in (I’m really going to try not to be THAT customer anymore), making her long day even longer… when she got to my house she was frustrated from her long day. So, I asked her to find the positive and she said “Well, I guess the positive about this day is that its over, and now I get to have a drink with my friends!” Good enough for me ;)

be happy
 (I’m a sucker for pretty quotes, like this, from Pinterest)